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Preventing costly damage to vessels

Do you need a solution to protecting your boat from other vessels and the wharf which will not collapse or disintegrate over time or in adverse weather conditions?

NJM Group – Australian Bollards can protect both boats and jetties from being damaged on impact with their industry standard marine fenders.

Marine Fenders are a type of marine equipment which are used to absorb the collision impact of boats berthing against a jetty, wharf, pier or another vessel. Their high energy absorption and low reaction forces prevent any damage occurring. Rubber fenders have most commonly been used for many years, they require minimal maintenance and have been designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and varied tides.

NJM Group offers marine fenders in a range of different shapes, sizes and materials to suit each individual application. These include: Arch, Cell, Cone, Cylindrical, Pneumatic and Profile which have been devised to accurately protect boats from damage and technological advancement have made the prevention process almost fault proof.

The suitability of each fender is dependent on three different factors: vessel size, weather condition and port structures. Larger marine vessels require larger fenders to withstand the impact, additionally high tides, low tides and wind power can affect the effectiveness of the fender. Australian Bollards can assist you in selecting the right fender to suit your specific requirements.

Australian Bollards provides its one stop service to its clients with everything for marine fenders, inclusive of custom manufacture, installation if required and annual service maintenance to keep the product looking new.