Cone Marine Fenders

cone fenders (marine fenders)

Marine fenders come in a range of different shapes, sizes and materials to suit each individual application. The suitability of each fender is dependent on three different factors: vessel size, weather condition and port structures. Larger marine vessels require larger fenders to withstand the impact, additionally high tides, low tides and wind power can affect the effectiveness of the fender. Australian Bollards can assist you in selecting the right fender to suit your specific requirements.

Cone Marine Fenders have the greatest energy absorption to reaction forces ratio mainly because of its conical shape. They provide great flexibility in its application and increased efficiency means that a smaller, less costly fender can be installed compared to larger more expensive fenders. They are suitable for high tidal sites as well as a high resistance to over-compression. Their geometrical shape means the cone fenders can deflect and absorb energy from any direction. For greater energy absorption, two fenders can be used back-to-back whilst maintaining reaction force. A range of cone fender sizes are available from 300mm (H) X 450mm (D) to 2000mm (H) X 3200 (D).