Profile Marine Fenders

profile fenders (marine fenders)

Marine fenders come in a range of different shapes, sizes and materials to suit each individual application. The suitability of each fender is dependent on three different factors: vessel size, weather condition and port structures. Larger marine vessels require larger fenders to withstand the impact, additionally high tides, low tides and wind power can affect the effectiveness of the fender. Australian Bollards can assist you in selecting the right fender to suit your specific requirements.

Profile Marine Fenders are commonly used in jetties, pontoons and frame-type wharves and are suitable to cope with a variety of vessels. The D-shape of the fender provides high energy absorption as well as a relatively high reaction force. Profile fenders are easy to install and operate making them the economical and efficient solution to preventing damage to vessels or ship docks. These fenders can be mounted in a variety of different ways to suit your specific application and come in a range of sizes from 150mm (H) X 150mm (W) X 150mm (L) to 600mm (H) X 600mm (W) X 500mm (L).